What is Drifter TV ?

Drifter TV is the creative design & animation studio of Nils Mühlenbruch.

It started out in 2000 as a multimedia online platform for animation, interactive installations and AV performance. Nowadays it's a animation studio working for a wide range of clients. That being said; independent art and audio projects are still part of its operation. As can be seen in this store, the art shows a wide variety of styles and forms. Sometimes cartoonish and absurd, sometimes gloomy and grim. The artworks offer at times a critical and ironic view on life and art itself. As an artist I am interested in the unruly and sometimes surreal nature of life. I view it as a flowing river in an ever changing landscape. We, as people ‘drifting’ along with it searching for purpose. The philosophy behind it all is that the unknown outweighs the known. Therefore art and exploration is needed to guide us through this uncharted territory. I invite you to drift along, purchase a piece of art or visit the studio: